Different types of Co-ops

In our midcounty area, there are several types of coops to fit various needs, from drop-off coops, to school based coops, to park date and fieldtrip coops, to coops that meet for one specific class, to coops like ours, that are parent led.

We have chosen a parent led coop for several reasons. One reason is to keep fees low. The teachers are parents who volunteer to teach and help in classes that lie in their skill sets. Since we have nursery through high school students, plus other office type jobs, there is a place for all of the parents. By working together, we are able to really get to know one another. It is a huge joy to get to know another mom, and we have seen both close friendships between families, and mentor type relationships form. Whole families get the opportunity to spend time together with other families and have the ability to share needs and blessings. Also because we get to know the families involved, we have the opportunities to see where we can be a blessing to our members. We have provided meals when new babies are welcomed and life situations happen. By working together and getting involved in each other’s lives, we bless one another. This is the beauty of this coop style.