A Typical Co-op Class Day

Our co-op day starts in the gym at 8:45ish. We do much better in the fall and winter but when spring fever starts kicking in sometimes it is 9:00 when we begin. Our first order of business is lining up by classes to have student led pledge and prayer. We feel it important to begin each class day in this manner to give God the glory for the many blessings and freedoms we enjoy.

When prayer is finished, we ask the students to sit quietly (sometimes it works) while the adults have announcements. During this time, we make any needed changes for the schedule for the day, announce upcoming events, plan field trips, and have prayer requests. Once announcements are finished, students are dismissed to accompany their teachers to their first class.

Each class is forty-five minutes in length. We allow five minutes between each class to provide time for teachers to change classes and for bathroom/water breaks. This continues through four classes. Each parent (mostly moms but an occasional dad) is in the classroom at least three classes as either a teacher or helper. This gives each parent one class period off. Some parents choose to stay in classes the entire day.

We come together back in the gym at 12:15 for parents and students to meet to transition to their homes. Sometimes the Jr High and/or High school classes stay until 12:30 so awaiting siblings will play games in the gym. Families leave as they gather and we try to have the building totally locked up by 12:45. Many times families will head to a restaurant or park to allow the kids and moms to continue their relationships with their friends.

We ask the moms to check their mail box and make copies during their off class period. If they need supplies or need to return supplies this is the time for these duties. Many times moms will gather in the parlor during their off time which provides great opportunities for them to grow new friendships.

We communicate primarily through the Remind text app. This is an easy way to send out messages to everyone without your phone being lit up by everyone’s responses. We also use email when the message is going to be too large for the text app.

Our classes are the same schedule for both fall and spring semesters. We have a Christmas party at the end of the fall semester, a Valentine exchange in February, class and student pictures, and an end of year party and open house. Open house provides a chance for the students to show off all their hard work from the year.