Why Homeschool?

This has been asked of every person that has even considered homeschooling. The answers vary from religious reasons, not liking the school district, safety of the kids, and just wanting to be responsible for when the bible says. Train up a child in the way he should go.

My reasons are: all of the above. My husband and I worked with kids many years before we had our own and saw a trend of parents thinking it’s the churches responsibility to teach the kids about God and religion and sin. The verse “train up a child” implies it is the parent’s responsibility and to train something it must be taught several times. That means more than 45 minutes in a class on Sunday morning. Homeschooling allowed me to teach my kids in real-life situations what God word has to say about the things in their life. We had a bible class almost daily and a time when we discussed how can this apply to their life.

The second reason was that I had hated school. I did okay in school but I watched teachers tearing down students the entire twelve years. Then the students would pick up on that and continue with bullying the kid. Most kids learn bullying from adults. I watched several kids who just didn’t get it in public school slip through the cracks and never catch up. A teacher can’t hold back the class for one student any more than they can skip ahead for the kids that learns it the first time. Then there was the homework most kids would bring home. Some parents will spend two hours a night working on it.

I am responsible for my child’s welfare therefore I want to know where my kids are at all times. Is that saying my kids never got hurt on my watch, absolutely not. My husband used to laugh and say my favorite weekend getaway was to the Emergency Room. The violence in school or even in public places has escalated to a very terrifying situation and that’s a whole different reason.

Before buying the curriculum, or announcing your intentions; sit down and make a list of why you want to homeschool. Talk these reasons over with your spouse. Then Pray over that list. Ask God to show you any reasons or things you could have missed on that list.

I will have another post about the pros and cons, but start with “Why I want or need to homeschool.” Because Homeschooling is not easy and you need to know why you are giving up a clean house, time for lunch dates, and the financial burden of one income and the cost of curriculum. To me the blessings I receive teaching my kids outweighs the other.