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Different types of Co-ops

In our midcounty area, there are several types of coops to fit various needs, from drop-off coops, to school based coops, to park date and fieldtrip coops, to coops that meet for one specific class, to coops like ours, that are parent led. We have chosen a parent led coop for several reasons. One reason […]

A Typical Co-op Class Day

Our co-op day starts in the gym at 8:45ish. We do much better in the fall and winter but when spring fever starts kicking in sometimes it is 9:00 when we begin. Our first order of business is lining up by classes to have student led pledge and prayer. We feel it important to begin […]

Why Homeschool?

This has been asked of every person that has even considered homeschooling. The answers vary from religious reasons, not liking the school district, safety of the kids, and just wanting to be responsible for when the bible says. Train up a child in the way he should go. My reasons are: all of the above. […]